Past Events

Past Events

Children in Need 2019

Once again the churches of Llanfyrnach and Llanglydwen made cawl and sold it in Crymych Market Hall for £5. For that you had, a bowl of cawl, a Bun and cheese, a Welsh Cake, or Barra Brith and tea or coffee, all to raise money for Children in Need.  The amount raised was £278.04

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Remembrance Service 2019

A remembrnce service was held in Crymych Market Hall and conducted by the Reverend Paul Mackness.  It was very well supported and the local Brownies and Guides paraded with their flags. The Crymych Fire Service were also in attendance.  Credit must go to Richard Law who researched the fallen named on the Role of Honour and printed their details out and displayed them round the room.  He also had some 1st and 2nd war memorabilia on display, well done Richard

Llanfyrnach Harvest

Photo’s courtesy of Marnie Llewellyn & David Jones

Jonathan's Farewell

The 6th September was not only Jonathans birthday but also his farewell from our churches into retirement. The Cylch y Frenni Circle of Churches gave him a wonderful send off and presented him with £485 from Llanglydwen Church, Mynachlog-ddu Church and Llanfyrnach Church (to be shared with Susie of course). The food provided by the churches was out of this world – there was enough food to sink a battleship. Jan Newbury made him a white cake with the Frenni logo in colour on top. Betty Morgan and her family served tea and coffee and I can safely say everyone enjoyed the event. “Happy retirement Jonathan & Susie”



Jonathan's Last Service

The 15th September was Jonathan’s last service for Cylch  Frenni Circle of Churches due to his retirement. The service was held at Llanglydwen and worship leaders, Eucharistic Assistants, and Focal Ministered put on their robes to make it a special service for him.  He was given three resounding cheers for all  his efforts to the church and enjoyed pleasant conversation and light refreshments afterwards.  Thank you Jonathan for all you have done for our churches and us.




Photos courtesy of Susie Copus

Ball Race & BBQ 2019


Flower Festival
& Afternoon Tea

Hermon Chapel, Brynmyrnach Chapel and Llanfyrnach Church all joined in to give a fantastic display of  flowers.  One display depicted the recent rugby matches, another marked the occasion of tennis and there were arrangements by Glandwr WI and The Heritage Centre, as well as arrangements to melt your heart like children’s paintings of flowers in wellingtons.  And after all that walking around Hermon Community Resource Centre, was the place to go for afternoon tea for £5.

A Taste of Wales

Cylch y Frenni churches held a ‘Taste In’ at The Bro Preselli Residential Home Crymych on the 11th May at 6:00pm.  This was not only a great time to get together but to launch their new Cookery Book of recepies which were all cooked by members of the five churches and put on display for everyone to sample.  We have a picture of Jonathan pouring the Milk of Amnesia! and Residents and friends around the table all eager to sample something old and new. Thank you to everyone who contributed a receipe and who also made it for us to sample.  It was a great evening and raised nearly £200.  Well done everyone.

Archeological Workshop

An Archeological Workshop was organised by the Dyfyd Archeological Trust and members of Llanwinio Church gave up their Saturday to measure and log burial plots in the churchyard

Pancake Party

Church (2)

Once again …..

laughter was the order of the day for this Pancake Party.  The  Reverend Jonathan Copus was the Master of Ceremonies and after you had your fill of delicious pancakes and cups of tea/coffee, two teams were organised, (youngest first). The idea was to toss the pancake to your neighbour right to the end of the row and then back again to the start.  The next race was for teenagers and the last one for the older generation.  Squeals of laughter were heard as the pancakes ended up in all sorts of places!!  This event raised over £200 and that included a humungus raffle.  Same time and same place next year? You bet we will.

(Pictures courtesy of Jack and Susie)

Queing for Pancakes (2)
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Children in Need

Once again the ladies & Gents of Llanfyrnach and Llanglydwen churches provided cawl with a roll and cheese, followed by Welsh cakes and tea/coffee.  The proceeds of the event raised over £300 for Children in Need, well done everyone.

Harvest Supper

 This year  for the first time, a harvest supper was held in the dining room of the residential complex at Bro Preseli in Crymych.  There were 40 of us, residents, and people from the four churches and the community.  We sent a huge order to Y Badeell Ffrio down the road, causing Elizabeth Law’s chippy to run out of fish (chicken instead).  Haravest hymns were sung, interspersed by readings, then the boxes of food arrived.  There was a lot of laughter and teasing and fun (especially for those who opted to eat with their fingers!).  Wine and softer drinks were shared, and we had the sweet treats of pies and a little cheesecakes with tea or coffee. A real success. ‘We must do it all again next year’ people said.

Harvest Festival

Llanfyrnach celebrated their Harvest Festival on 21st October at 7:00pm.  The service was conducted by the Revd Jonathan Copus and aided by Eunice Batchelor their Focal Minister.  Most of the hymns were by the congregation’s request and were both in English and Welsh. The church was decorated with fruits of their harvest and looked beautiful.  Afterwards light refreshments were provided by the ladies of the church to round off a very pleasant evening.

BBQ and Ball Race

The BBQ and Ball Race was held on Bank Holiday Monday 27th August 2018 in the field behind The Bont public house Llanglydwen.  The day was overcast but quite warm and very well attended.  The total made of £1,721 was to boost church funds in Llanglydwen and  Llanfyrnach Churches.

Coach trip to Brecon and a Boat Trip along the Canal

What a day, it could not have been better.  A wonderful day which was organised by Janet and David Carter of Llanfyrnach Church. The weather was scorching the coach was pure luxury and loads and loads of good company made it fantastic.  The trip along the canal was enlightening many of us having never been through a lock before were amazed.  All in all, a good time was had by all.  Well done Janet & David for their inspiration.


Coffee Morning

What a day! the sun shone, for the Coffee Morning held at Ted and Eunices’ place on Thursday 7th June. Everyone had a great time and due to their generosity a total of £261.50 was raised for church funds.

Coffee Morning
for Clydau Church

A coffee morning was held on the 12th May 2018 in the Guildhall Cardigan in aid of Clydau Church. The grand sum of £229 was raised and a very big thank you to everyone who helped make it a success

Pancake Party

February 13th 2018 was the date of the Pancake Party held in the Crymych Hall.  The event was very well attended and the laughter of the children as they tossed their pancakes was delightful.  After the pancake tossing everyone ate their fill of sweet and savoury pancakes and the cry was – ‘Can we do it again next year’  Most definitely.

Ball Race & BBQ 2017


On the 28th August 2017 Llanfyrnach and Llanglydwen churches held a Ball Race and BBQ. There were numerous stalls,  Lucky Dip, Plant Stall, Cake Stall, Book Stall just to mention a few and of course Splat The Rat. The whole thing was a rousing success and people were looking forward to the same time next year.